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It is quite difficult for common people to say the truth openly in a bold way known as a game called truth or dare app download. In some situations, people hide the truth in order to save themselves. We can find only less count of people who are courageous enough to speak out the truth. However, in some cases, it is better to conceal the truth instead of revealing it. By doing so, it could help others or the person who says it. In order to bring out the actual facts about a person or a news, people usually play a game namely Truth or dare app.

You might be quite familiar with this game. Each and every individual plays this game some or other time in their life. Usually, the kids and youngsters are quite interested in playing this game whenever they are leisure. Playing this game enhances the fun and entertains the people by listening to the truths. It is a manual game played by people anywhere anytime. Now, with the massive popularity of this game, the app developer Mangobird has designed and developed an app based on this game.


Truth or Dare App for Android

The game app called as ‘Truth or Dare.’ Here is all you need to know about the truth or dare app. This app is compatible on various mobile platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS and many other platforms. In this post, we have come up with a detailed tutorial to download and install Truth or Dare app on your Android phone. Check it out!


Truth or Dare is an incredible application that allows the users speak out the truth or do something daringly. This is the actual concept of the game. In this app, the users can play this game along with their friends. The players need to add their dares and take the pictures. The users can also share the pictures with their friends and beloved ones. The game makes use of an advanced text-to-speech technology so as to identify the truths and dares spoken by the player. The game involves innumerable truths and dares. It is a completely customised  app that lets users play dares with their friends.

Download & Install Truth or Dare Apk on Android?

The Truth or Dare app is available on the Play Store. All the users can easily download the Truth or Dare app on your Android device directly from the Google Play Store. The Android users who are pretty much interested towards playing this game on their phone with their friends can download it for free of cost. The users need not spends a single penny to download, install and use this app on your mobile phone.

The current latest version of Truth or Dare app is 5.72. This app requires Android 4.1 and above versions of operating system to run it on your Android phone. As of now, billions of users downloaded and installed this Truth or Dare app on their Android devices. This app updated recently on 28th November 2016.

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